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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute we began with breaking weather nwes, virginia governor tim kaine has declared a state of emergency because of the powerful nor'easter. a lot more rain is on the way. john gonzalez is live in arlington, but we first go to doug hill tracking the storm's progress. >> mo of the viewing area will get the easiest part of the storm, tidewater, lower chesapeake, all of that getting the worst. live super doppler 7adar,
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patches of rain to the south and east. it will come and go all night long and all day tomorrow. the storm scan shows the entire system. it is a developing nor'easter off the coast of north carolina and there is lots rain coming our way. the wind will increase tomorrow. it will be windy and rainy. ocean city, a high wind of 57 m.p.h., closing in on 4.5 inches of rain. those are live reports, the wind at of the north. this is a powerful storm. areas closer to home, like king george and leonardtown, 2 inches of rain. it is nasty, but the worst of the storm will in fact beouth and east of the metro area. a lot more information headed our way in a couple of minutes. the heavy rain has led to some concerns in the
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commonwealth. >> virginia governor tim kaine has declared a state of emergency because the storm has already created flooding and damage in the south. john gonzalez continues our team coverage from arlington. >> the storm kwn as ida is pounding the southern states. it is cold, windy, and extremely wet. virginia governor tim kaine is not taking any chances with the destructive storm and is warning people who live in flood prone areas to be on high alert. here in the d.c. area, the remnants of ida is being felt. >> it is horrible. >> atlanta, ga., is surrounded by water that has jumped its banks from nearby creeks. >> we are just as worried about our neighbors as we are ourselves.
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a lot of the houses were condemned the first time. >> this 200 ton rock gave little warning before tumbling onto highway 64. ia couple of hours away in norfolk, va., the storms arrive later this afternoon. the atlantic serve has been notably higher and the strong wind is whipping sand from the beaches. further south in the carolinas, water is rising and toppled trees are keeping residents on edge. >> i do not want to be told i cannot come back to my house because there is water in it. i have a child. >> this d.c. resident is happy that iran is all we are faced with. >> my father flew in from t caribbean. we have it easy. >> ida has claimed one life. according to south carolina highway patrol, a man was killed today when he crashed into a
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downed tree. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> for the latest on the storm's path and a live look at the radar any ti, log onto breaking news from northeast washington, where the police are investigating an apparent double murder. the victims were found at 42nd and meade street northeast, and that is where cynne simpson is. >> just before 9:30, the police arrived on the scene and found two suffering from gunshot wounds. the police say it appears that the driver was shot and then lost control of the vehicle, slammed into some parked cars on the side of the street. there was quite an impact. when the authorities arrived, the two men were transported to area trauma centers and were pronounced dead. the police are working to notify family members before their
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release the names of the victims and they want to know who is behind the shooting and what the motive was. the police say there is not a lot to go on, but they are combing the scene, looking for any evidence of what happened. reporting live from northeast, cynne simpson, abc 7 news. a big bombshell from longtime cnn hoslou dobbs. tonight, he announced he is leaving the cable network effective immediately. >> this will be my last broadcast here on cnn, where high of 4 tier of the last 30 years and where i have many friends andolleagues -- where i have worked for the last 30 years and were have many friends and colleagues. >> the dobbs said heas released from his contract. he is well known as a financial analyst. his persistent advocacy against illegal immigration critic controversy. at this time, dobbs is not
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publicly saying what he plans to do next. tonight, new details about the mass shooting at the fort hood and the police officers to stop the gun man. the attorney for the shooter nidal hasan is speaking out. if he is convicted in a military tribunal, he could face the death possibly. jay korff has more on the developments. >> the shooting at fort hood claimed 12 lives and injured dozens. one of the officers who stopped the accused shooter is recovering former injuries and we hear from her along with a chilling recollection of another survivor. survivors of last week's mass shooting at ft hood are coming forward to tell their stories. >> there were a lot of heroes that day. >> specialist logan. it was hit in the hip said nidal hasan reloaded quickly and moved
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with surprising speed. >> i want to get out of the line of fire, but he hit the gentlemen. a demo for the first time, we are hearing from the officers -- >> for the first time we are hearing from the officers who saved countless lives after rushing into the chaos and firing at the gunmen. >> as soon as i got out my vehicle and ran up the hill is when things started getting bad and we started in countering fire. >> we are trained to shoot until there is no longer a threat. >> the fbi's investigation into nidal hasan continues to intensify. in a new development, hasan now has council, a former military judge who recently met with him. he says that everyone deserves a fair trial. >> week away to them -- we owe it to them as fellow service members and u.s. citizens to ensure that we properly defend them.
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>> the u.s. senate has also launched an investigation into who knew what and when as it relates to nidal hasan. the hearings are expected on capitol hill next week jay korff, abc 7 news. president obama met with top advisers over the military situation in afghanistan. this picture with his national security advisers was released tonight. he is considering four options. general david petraeus says the president will not make his decision until he returns from a nine-day trip in asia. he leaves tomorrow. on this veterans day, the nation remembers those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> president obama on a brave soldiers. >> for our veterans and our fallen and their families, there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service
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and sacrifice. >> the president led the nation in the day of observation of veterans day with the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the nknowns. he also walked among the grave sites of those who died in iraq and afghanistan. michelle obama addressed service groups and veterans at george washington university. she said she was in awe of the service members. vice president joe biden, his wife jill, and former secretary of state colin powell joined mrs. obama at the event. about 50 wounded warriors were honored among heroes and honored at the capitals game tonight. >> the people, up to you and shake your hand and thank you for the service. it is overwhelming. >> the wounded veterans were invited to rock the red as part of a salute. all of them are recovering at
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all to read and bethesda naval medical center. -- all of them are recovering at walter reed and bethesda naval medical center. now a developing story from the washington nationals. we have learned that interim manager and rckville native jim riggleman will keep his job permanently. tim brant has the details. >> as i mentioned earlier tonight, the nationals wanted to make a decision between bobby valentine and jim riggleman. they have made it. it is jim riggleman. a source tells me they made the decision early this evening, removing the interim from his title. jim riggleman managed the san diego padres, the chicago cubs, and seattle mariners. his best season as a skipper came with the cubs. the cubbies made the playoffs as a wild-card team. in washington, jim riggleman was promoted from the coast -- bench
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coast to -- from bench coach to the interim manager when manny acta was fired. jim riggleman, the new manager of the nationals. more of this coming up later in sports. >> are you surprised? >> not really. valentine is 59. they did not think he would have the patience with a team is -- that is a couple of years from competing. jim riggleman did a good job, turn them around. he has a good rapport with the players. >> we will be watching. coming up, mike tyson in trouble again with law enforcement. the incident that sparked the problems this time. >> a cocktail before entering the cockpit? a united pilot is under arrest. >> first, a disturbing accusation against d.c. sports teams.
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the police believe a district man was shot as he boarded a metro bus because he was the witness to a murder. george rawlings was shot in rtheast.
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the bus driver drove a floor -- short difference -- the bus driver drove a short distance before a paramedic flagged him over. george rawlings was the brother of deonte rawlings, who shot and killed in 2007. a 60-year-old woman was killed by a montgomery county school bus on arlington road in bethesda. sheila humphries died shortly after being transported to hospital. a five students were on board the bus. none of them were injured. students at the school had already gone home for the day. a u.s. pilot minutes from takeoff was arrested on suspicion of being drunk. the united airlines flight was getting ready to leave heathrow airport when a concerned co- pilot told crewmembers that they believe that the pilot was drunk. he was over the legal limit, arrested, and he has a hearing later this month. former heavyweight champion
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boxer mike tyson is being detained as authorities investigate whether he was involved with a bloody confrontation with a photographer at lax airport. witnesses say he struck hyson -- what does this say he struck tyson in an apparent attempt to provoke him. tyson then punched him in the face. both are facing charges against each other. and man who claimed to have sold steroids to watch the capitals and washington nationals dealers has accepted a plea deal. he pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute. the charge carries five years in prison. authorities do not have any solid evidence that he sold drugs to many members of the teams. the washington archdiocese is moving forward with its push against same-sex marriage in the district. in a letter, the archdiocese says it chat -- catholic
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charities may not be used if the bill is not used to preserve religious freedom. it built past the council earlier today and is expected to be approved by the full council. the centerpiece of the rockefeller center is on its way. the norway spruce was cut down and kinetic it. it was on the property of a school teacher there. -- the norway spruce was cut down in connecticut. it was on the property of a schoolteacher. the tree will be lit on december 2 at a ceremony. should we be talking about snow? >> give it time. if you want to see snow, highland county, va., is snowing. >> already? >> live super doppler 7 radar, the yellow areas have the heavier downpours. surface wind from the northeast
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to the southwest. what we find over the next 24 hours is the orientation of the heaviest rain will move east- west as the storm center of the caroli coast pushes the wind and rain street in it. the worst effect will be along the atlantic coastline and along the southern end of the bay, tidewater, hampton roads, va., southeastern virginia. the further north and west, the easier that it gets. the storm scan, the whole picture, what is developing is a nor'easter. not associated with ida, that has stayed away. at the upper level energy trough moved in. a little early in the season for a nor'easter, but it is there nonetheless. the circulation center developing. as that moves to the north, incrsing rain and wind. around here, quite windy.
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the weatherbug, the four locations with the highest rainfall total ocean city closing in on at 4.5 inches of rain. south and east, the most rainfall activity. ocean city, live report, 43 m.p.h. when the dust. children's hospital, 30 m.p.h. wind. hunting down, calvert county, the wind is fairly light. they will pick up. 60 and 47 were the high and low, 0.84 inches of rain at reagan national airport. the advisory's are mostly along the coastline and the lower bay. these temperatures will not move much tonight or tomorrow. we are locked in to the needs -- to the east wind. fairly stationary, locking in the moisture and the wind increasing because the pressure is high.
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that gradient will force the wi to continue and it will increase. there could be some spots along the ocean, that could get 8 inches of rain. n the mountains of west virginia, some snow. the biggest effect is the wind and rain, beach erosion. a real mess, downed power lines. very nasty day tomorrow, rain, the gusty wind, temperatures in the 40's. friday, some improvement, the showers taper off, maybe sunshine saturday. a better chance on sunday with warmer temperatures. the only things my kids asked on the phone tonight, daddy, why couldn't this be snow? >> are we lucky? >> yep. the internet is keeping classmates close. that story coming up.
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it is a trip of a lifetime r a pennsylvania fifth grader and he sharing witit with his classmates. he flew to argentina where they boarded a cruise ship and they got passage to antarctica. he is sharing thenformation through a video link with his class over slype. -- skype. they're learning about penguins.
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>> most kids go to florida. >> i am going with the penguins. the nationals have a new manager, and what night on the ice in the phone booth. sports is coming up.
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toyota dealers, moving you forward. jim riggleman has been named manager of the washington nationals and the decision was made earlier this evening according to a source. he earned the chance to manage the club and made it his team when he took over when manny acta was fired. the nationals had a couple of winning streaks and played with more enthusiasm and confidence. they finished the second half 39-42. the source tells me that jim riggleman is the new manager of the nationals and will be announced officially tomorrow. ryan zimmerman won his first ever gold glove award, leading with chances, assists, and range factor. he batted .292, 32 home runs. congratulations to ryan zimmerman. the capitals-islanders,
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third time in the last three weeks. every game was decided by one goal. tonight, the capitals win it, 5- 4. morrison, head to alexander semin, look out. he scores eight seconds into the game, tying the record for quickness. back-and-forth it went the rest of the way, ending tied in regulation. the goalies stole the show. varlamov blocks away 10 strait islanders shot. then chris clark, he rips it passed. here we go. bingo, game, 5-4 capitals. exciting victory at the verizon center. clinton portis has started every game for the redskins this season. streak will end on sunday. he is still suffering from this concussion on sunday. jim zorn said this afternoon is very doubtful that clinton will go against denver.
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>> we are talking about a serious injury. it is something dealing with the head, and you are not just talking about short-term, that is long term. it is very important to take precautions and he takes the precaution becae this is something that is bigger than football. a wisconsin man at his she's had it had signed by president obama and has decided to -- a wisconsin man that got his cheese head had signed by president obama has decided to donate it. he said he considered selling the hat on ebay but had second thoughts and decided instead to donate it. i just read them. with all the injuries to the wizards, they signed earl boykin =s -- boykins today.
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they brought him and to help. that is it. >> are you kidding me? >> i did not make this stuff up. nancfirst thanksgiving. so she turned to target to get it all for a low price. she expects her in-laws will be thankful it feels like home.
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lots of rain to the south had it this way. there's a lot more storm, starting at 4:54. there's a lot more storm, starting at 4:54.
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